KupiPuziku *

Maternity might be one of the most vivid periods in a life of a woman that calls for weeks and even months of careful preparation and planning. Things to do and not to do, things to throw away and buy, all this can make go round even the most stable heads of young parents. Using tools that keep record and organize anything connected with future baby sounds like a good idea here. So, we decided to come up with KupiPuziku.

KupiPuziku is an online collection of interactive things-to-get-for-new-arrival lists that might come in handy for mums-to-be since they help to keep track of the essentials future mums and newborns might need prior, during, and right after delivery. These well-thought-out lists are compiled by experienced mums, qualified obstetricians, and professional nurses. Young mums can save their notes about items to buy or get, store links to these products to later buy them online, tick off purchased or obtained items.

Project blog that is an ever-growing bank of articles dedicated to description of all aspects of maternity and care for newborns and young babies is a good source of knowledge for the site audience and perfectly complements the main purpose of the project – help young parents by keeping the things organized.

Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, JavaScript/jQuery, CSS3, Bootstrap, AngularJS, WordPress

*Alpha Release