Gintenreiter Photography

Artistic photography is not just about capturing a moment – it’s about conveying ideas and emotions. An ability to communicate through a still image is what sets an artist apart from a craftsman. Venetian photographer Arved Gintenreiter is most definitely an artist, and we consider ourselves lucky to have worked on making his website better.

Arved Gintenreiter Photography website is all about conveying Arved’s artistic vision of the world: breathtaking views from across the globe, secret nooks in the busiest of tourist spots, touching glimpses into lives of ordinary people – images of what we all see, but fail to notice. And it certainly helps that all of this is presented in a concise and user-friendly manner.

We did not develop Arved’s website from scratch – much of it was already done by the time we got our hands on it, but it still had quite a few issues we helped debug and fix. In addition to that, as per Arved’s request, we integrated a webshop into the website to allow purchasing photos directly from the author. Also, last but not least, we made the beautiful black-and-white theme of the website responsive in order for it to look equally good in any possible screen resolution.

All in all, Arved Gintenreiter Photography was a real pleasure to work on.

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, WordPress, SCSS, OSCommerce, CDN integration, responsive Bootstrap template.