Amos Bronson Alcott once said: “None can teach admirably if not loving his task”. Well, judging by how admirable the Englex team teaches English, they truly do love their task. Sharing their affection for English with their students from all over the world since 2011, Englex has grown into one of the leading online schools of the English language in the Russian internet, delivering knowledge via Skype to more than 1150 students. Naturally, a website of a school of this caliber is expected to meet the highest possible standards, which our team was happy to assist Englex with.

Besides providing information about the school and sporting clean and concise visuals to boot, the website of Englex provides a wealth of useful articles in the school blog and allows students to take tests, sign up for courses and request assistance from managerial staff of the school. In addition to their main website, Englex keep a blog at http://engblog.ru/, which currently contains over 720 self-instructional articles to help enthusiasts perfect their command of English. In the nearest future Englex plan on further enhancing and facilitating student-to-teacher interactions by means that are soon to be announced.

We weren’t the first team to work on their website, but we were nonetheless excited to step in and deliver a mobile-optimized theme so that Englex could reach out to even more potential students. Also the Englex team asked us to update several pages of the desktop version in order to make them more informative and improve user experience. In addition to working on their main website, Englex has entrusted us with a couple more interesting projects that might appear here later as well.

It is truly a pleasure to help Englex with their online business that aims not only at turning a profit but also at providing knowledge and useful communicative skills!

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, WordPress