Electricity today is an integral part of virtually every aspect of our life, something we just can not go without. Delivering electricity to our homes or factories, and handling it there it thus of utmost importance. This complex job is performed by cables, electric transformers, switches, and other types of equipment with not-so-easy-to-remember names.

SevCable is an enterprise where all the the complex names of electricity-connected equipment are remembered well, where pros know how to install and handle this equipment. SevCable does a decent job of providing businesses and residents across the region with everything that is needed to properly power them. Whether it is just a 10m long piece of cable or a state-of-the-art electric transformer station SevCable is the place to find and order installation of these items.

When SevCable decided it was a high time for them to spread the word about themselves across the Internet we, at 3AT Dev, were there to help. We came up with a website built with WordPress making it easier to handle and maintain. And since an increasing number of SevCable’ clients is going mobile we made this WordPress theme fully responsive for it to be easier to browse on the go. Slick, minimalistic design with a focus on usability is something we especially like about the website.
We hope that new website will help SevCable in attracting new clients and opportunities. We are looking forward to working with them again.

Technologies used: WordPress, jQuery, SCSS, responsive Bootstrap template, Gulp, Bower