Apple devices are well known for high quality and are becoming more and more popular among customers across the globe. As it is often said, «Where there is demand, there is supply», and this «demand» is the reason for Cupertino-based company’ shops and service centres to pop up here and there. As the number of such shops grows it is getting increasingly difficult for customers to choose one with original items, acceptable prices, and high-level service.

The above seem to be the characteristics of Maxmobiles company for whom we have released a new version of their website updating its design and e-commerce platform it is built with. Maxmobiles is the leading service centre in the region and aims for expanding as a seller of Apple devices and accessories. New Maxmobiles website offers its customers new and used devices for purchase, as well as informs them on the service order status. Sales and discount programs can be carried out by the web shop with the help of Prestashop module adjusted by the 3AT Dev team. Customers can pay for their order either by cash upon order reception or using Yandex Money payment system. The Maxmobiles site users can leave their reviews helping fellow customers make the right choice. Pre-ordering the products yet to be released is another feature this web shop boasts of. «JMS Mobile» is the theme website is built with. Intuitive and user-friendly design is the result of Eugene Bryantsev company work. The site is responsive and looks awesome both on desktops and mobiles.

We hope that updated website of Maxmobiles company will be another step on their  way to success.

Technologies used: Prestashop, PHP, MySQL, Smarty, JavaScript/jQuery, CSS3, Bootstrap