Shift Miner

Shift Miner is an award-winning Australian magazine for mining industry professionals. The magazine is based in Queensland and was the first specialized publication for miners to establish itself in the region. While its competitors were coming and going, Shift Miner has remained through thick and thin, and now, in the modern age of advanced web technologies, Shift Miner offers its top-quality news and information to its dedicated paid readership in the form of digital content.

Latest news and coverage of important social and industrial events in the coal and gas community, as well as trade ads and job listings posted by the readers themselves – all of this is offered to paid subscribers of Shift Miner through a dedicated website and a free iPhone app available from iTunes App Store (both the website and the iPhone app have been developed by 3AT Dev). Weekly subscription fee can be paid via PayPal or in-app purchases.

Technologies used (website): PHP/CodeIgniter, MySQL, JavaScript/jQuery, Memcached, REST API, CSS3, PayPal Pro + PayFlow Payments

Technologies used (iPhone app): Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, RestKit, Core Data

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