The condition of roads in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine varies greatly, and reaching your destination in time is often a matter of taking the better road. Which is a game of chance without proper guidance. And guidance is what Autostrada aims to provide.

In the heart of Autostrada is an online map showing the current condition of roads in these three countries as rated by actual drivers. Using Autostrada, any driver can rate the condition of the road he/she is taking, and the roads are color-coded on the map based on their average ratings. This allows Autostrada to provide honest and unbiased information about how good or bad any particular road is.

Being a product meant to be used primarily on the go, Autostrada features a handy iOS and Android app available for free from iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. Autostrada website, on the other hand, allows drivers to review their planned routes beforehand, from the comfort of their homes.

Additional features of Autostrada include general information about every road, filtering of roads by condition and/or type, ability to post and read reviews for particular roads and more.

Technologies used (website): PHP, Yii Framework, MySQL, JavaScript, Google Maps

Technologies used (iOS app): Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, Core Data, AFNetworking, Google Maps SDK for iOS

Technologies used (Android app): Android SDK, Java, Google Maps API