Agent Piggy

Agent Piggy is an educational platform aimed at teaching financial literacy to kids aged 5 to 15 years old so that they can become financially responsible people. With Agent Piggy, kids “earn” their money: they receive an allowance, and are taught by the platform on how to save money and responsibly perform financial transactions, such as purchasing and donating.

Agent Piggy allows parents to set up “challenges” (which are essentially tasks) for their children, such as “Doing the dishes”, “Folding laundry”, “Walking the dog”, or even “Score an A in Science”, to which they assign a value in either real money or Piggy Coins – Agent Piggy’s internal virtual currency. Kids can execute those tasks and, once a task is completed and verified by parents, “purchase” items set up by their parents in the internal store (the actual purchase is, of course, handled by parents) and/or donate part of their earned money to charity. In the process parents can optionally get notified of any actions performed by their kids on the site.

Technologies used: PHP/CodeIgniter, MySQL, JavaScript/jQuery, Memcached, REST API, CSS3