New Year Auction at 3AT Dev


As you might remember, we were talking about charitable auction when telling about our New Year party. Let us expand on this a bit. Along with celebrating New Year holidays as a team we’ve also adopted a tradition to have a charitable auction during New Year party. The idea is that each team member brings along an item made with own hands that is sold at auction.
Things sold are as diverse as our team is and range from a beautiful postcard or a bracelet to a LED table lamp with exquisite engravings. Lot owner represents their handmade creation trying to attract attention of an audience and highlight virtues of their lot. Bidding is another chance for a friendly competition and is always quite a laugh.
At the end of an auction we count all raised money and applaud each other for a good event.
Forgot to mention that all money we manage to raise at these charitable auctions is spent on purchasing something necessary for a child care centre.
This year was not an exception and we managed to have a lot of fun, lay our hands on cute handmade things and raise some money for kids.
Doing something entertaining yet useful is a good idea for a team, that’s our humble opinion.

P.S. We will soon update you on what we’ve bought for child care centre.